KELLY CASEY, Owner/Operator
Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Dance Teacher and Speaker

Welcome to the NEW YOU

I believe that fitness and health is a very personal and individual journey. I help and support my clients to discover and achieve their lifestyle goals. I develop tailored programmes for One To One Private Sessions, where you have the use of a private gym, small group classes or online sessions in the comfort of your own home. I run classes for the Over 50s, Bootcamp,Dance & Core to the hits of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Teen Class or more adventurous, Aerial Classes for tone and core strength. The focus is always on you and the best possible outcome from your programme or chosen class.

NOW AVAILABLE are a series of online video programmes –  Beginners, An Intermediate and an Advanced Course. With Step by Step video Instruction, Progress Planner, Diet and Health tips and a private Facebook Group where you can share your progress and experiences and have a one to one with Kelly for advice, encouragement and practical hints and tips.


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